Fitsa Group is a MBE Consulting Firm

that assists and supports companies in addressing real issues and problems, reaching practical and realistic solutions.

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Each company face challenges and issues that potentially could cause deviation in your path to achieve goals. Our objective is to work with you to support and help you to find practical and realistic solutions that suit your needs. In that sense, we specialize in develop solution using the following tools

Business Process Automation & Reengineering:

We focus on understanding and analyzing existing business processes and the interaction between them. Then we redesign them into new
workflows that better adapt to the company’s need, eliminating bottlenecks, decreasing operational cost and improving customer service.

Risk Consulting

Based on the industry and financial situation where the company operates, we provide a clear comprehension of the risks inherent to the processes. Then, we design and implement controls to mitigate those risks and ensure regulatory compliance.

Systems Integration

We design and implement interfaces that integrate different systems, eliminating duplicated data and conveying systems that have their own use under the same platform. When companies grow so fast, they start using many disconnected systems that potentially could create duplicated information.

KPIs and Dashboards

We develop and implement Key Processes Indicators that could be monitored in real time through an online Dashboard. These Dashboards are easy to understand and contain all the relevant information in a single-graphical presentation of the current status and historical trends of a department inside an organization.

Custom Solutions

We design, develop and implement custom solutions to suit your unique business needs. For instance, we generate solutions using Microsoft SharePoint, Excel, Visio and Access as tools to organize, manipulate data, calculate KPIs, help the decision making process, connect people, and manage documents, in ways you never imagine.

Web Design and Development

We design and Develope websites or custom wordpress and expression engine theme that will grow with your company. Each site is designed taking in consideration the needs of your company.
Fitsa Group is committed to promoting sustainability and social responsibility among companies.

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